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Bosque Services LLC
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Commercial and Institutional Services

pest management for hospitals, convalescent homes and medical care facilitiesBosque Pest & Termite has been servicing businesses and institutions in North Central Texas for the past 22 years. Every business environment is unique and effective pest control is specific to the unique problems of your Pest control for churches, offices, stores and schoolsbusiness operation. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in establishing appropriate pest management for your individual needs. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to carefully balance the use of chemicals with other methods of pest management to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your workplace. We are familiar with regulatory boards and inspectors and understand how to keep your pest management in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our specialists know how to effectively service your account to maintain a high level sanitation for you, your employees and clientele.

Hotels, Motels and Apartments

Fast, effective and economical maintenance plans are available for a wide variety of pest management services. We offer scheduled services or provide on-call services according to your specific needs. All of our services are warranted.

Food Service and ProcessingPest control for grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, convenience stores, food processing and meat packing plants

Sanitation is always the primary objective of anyone involved in food service, whether it be a retail outlet, a food prep facility or packing plant. Integrated pest management is an essential part of attaining that objective. We have a proven track record of pest management success in this very specialized area. Our current customers include everything from convenience stores to meat packing plants.