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Bug Info

Here are some general pest references we believe you will find helpful...


Most ant species that invade homes nest outdoors. Knowing what species of ant you are dealing with is essential in eliminating unwanted ants from your home.(more)


Some of the most prolific insects, cockroaches are also major vectors for disease. Their control is important in every household, business and institution. (more)


Fleas can be some of the most troublesome insects for a household, but control can be attained through proper treatment of your home, yard and pets. (more)


Bees that build their nests in the walls or eaves of homes can cause considerable damage. Knowing what attracts them to your home and how to control them can be very beneficial. (more)


Spiders are primarily beneficial by keeping flies and plant eaters in control. But, spider bites can provoke a medically serious reaction in hypersensitive or allergic persons. (more)

Bed Bugs

After a long absence, bed bugs have become a major problem throughout the U.S. Their wide distribution makes it important to recognize them and know how to control them. (more)


Termites are among the most economically important insects in Texas. The cost of termite damage to homes exceeds that of fire, wind and flood combined. (more)

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Pest Control for Home and Business

Bosque Pest & Termite has been providing pest control for North Central Texas for over 20 years. We currently serve a wide variety of homes and businesses, including; residences, apartments, motels, food service, schools, heath care, assisted living residences, municipalities, banks, retail stores, food processors, food distributors, power companies, ranches, contractors and realtors. We are proud of the reputation we have established and will be happy to provide references from those who have used our services to solve problems like those you may be experiencing.

Pest Management

We use an integrated pest management approach to provide solutions to your pest problems. To provide appropriate pest control; we inspect and assess your individual situation to determine the proper course of action, implement the corrective actions and evaluate the results. Monitoring and inspection on a regular basis will assure effective, long-term pest management for your home or business. All of our work for general pests is warranted for 90 days.

Termite Control

Bosque Pest & Termite prepares Wood Destroying Insect Reports for home purchasers and sellers or their lending institutions. We offer free termite inspections for home and business owners when a WDIR is not required. We provide both pre-construction and post-construction termite control services.

We will inspect your structure and provide a full report and diagram indicating where there is existing damage, current activity or conducive conditions for termites. With the report, we will give you our recommendations for treatment, if any, and provide a precise cost of any treatments proposed.

We are authorized Termidor applicators and offer a renewable and transferable 5-year warranty on our recommended subterranean termite applications.